Mark and Michele-I just wanted to say THANK YOU! so much for the riding school on Friday.   My son, Brett Friedel, had a wonderful time and learned A LOT.    His confidence is so high now.    The whole day was perfect.

It is so nice that you are doing this in honor of your brother, Ryan.   He would be so proud.


Thank you Mark.  I would also like to thank you, your family and volunteers for the awesome things you did on Sunday.  My kids have been racing for about 13 years now.  We have been to a lot of races and other ride events.  We have never experienced anything like what you did this past weekend.  It was fantastic my boys had a wonderful day.  God bless you and your family take care.


Good Morning Michele

Just wanted to send out a Thank You for having Marcus at camp  and a Big thank you to you and your husband for letting him use your bike for the day.  He really enjoyed himself and got lots of good pointers and tips and truly enjoyed himself.  I t was a very nice day  and seemed everyone had a great time! It was very nice to meet the both of you and hope to see you all again.

Once again Thank You

For a first time event, hats off to everyone who had a part in it. Very well put together, the kids learned a ton, and parents had fun. A great thing to do to inspire the kids of motocross. What a class act Barry Carsten and Brian Carroll, taking the day to teach kids, both were awesome teachers and kept the kids focused. Harold Glissen and one inspiration and Blue Diamond.
If anyone can do anything to help out this organization please do all you can do. With the dwindling numbers in motocross maybe everyone working together to get kids more interested will save a great family experience. With a little help I hope they can have more events like this.Mark and Michelle, Thank You Again!!!!!!!!——————————————————————————————-

We will support every year!!


It was awesome to be a part of your event , count me in for next year !!!!


We had a great time! The whole family will always remember this experience. Thank you all for everything!


Thank you all for all that you do !!

———————————————————————————————Today, my husband and I were so moved to have met two of the most kindest people! It was such a pleasure to have met both Keith and Ryan’s brother. Both Armando and myself truly feel honored to somehow be a part of this foundation by being able to see what is done in honor of someone who im sure shined out in both of you guys today SUCH A PLEASURE meeting you both!!!


Great stuff mark I just watched your video hope to see you on track some time soon.  I have three boys I eventually want to introduce the sport to.




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